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NSQ was founded to develop leading Nano-fusion technologies based on research and development conducted at Seoul National University.

The evolving process of commercializing Nano-fusion technologies benefits not only Nano specialists and researchers but also our society at large.

NSQ has developed unique mass production technologies that are capable of meeting the current quantum dot (QD) industry’s increasing demands for very high and consistent quality but affordable QDs.

NSQ has also been developing white LED and semiconductor chips, that is, system chips for ubiquitous environments where Information Technology and Nanotechnology converge..

NSQ is Seoul National University’s first owned company where accumulated core technologies from SNU and its affiliated institutions can be fully utilized and commercialized.

NSQ has been strategically positioned to create values for our partners, and we are ready to make continual contributions to society.

I sincerely thank you for visiting NanoSquare Inc.

Best wishes,

Hyeokjae Lee
President and CEO